Friday, August 12, 2005

Blog Spam

Today I had an experience with blog spam that's causing me to wonder what's going on. I had this happen one time before, and I deleted what was posted and that was that. This morning I had three different instances of spam posted to my early entry today. I deleted the first one and about ten mins later a new one, different subject being spammed, shows up. I delete that and again roughly ten mins later a new spam, again a different subject, shows up in the comments section. While my first experience with this left me thinking I was merely the victim of a random blog reader who went in and posted their spam, today's experience leaves me with the thought that maybe this is in someway automated.

Does anyone know anything about this that might shed some light on it? Is there anything that one can use to stop this, assuming it's in fact automated?

Addendum: I asked this question and found my own answer at Wikipedia . This form of spam is otherwise referred to as link spam, and I'm going to have to figure out how blocking this works. It turns out that the rationale behind link spamming is to increase the hits that the spammer gets by posting their link on your blog, thereby increasing the likelihood that Google will up the place of their link in searches related to that link, i.e. just like Google bombing as I indulged it myself for Goggle Bombing for Darwin; ya gotta love it.


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