Friday, December 23, 2005


It's hard to believe, but finally there's some extended time off just to collect thoughts, mull them over, get some work done that's been piling up, and maybe figure out what I'll do a few days ahead of myself vice day-to-day. Before this job I swear there was a part of me that thought teachers had it sort of easy with all that time off, though on the whole I always thought that what they did allowed them to earn that time. Now I appreciate that the time is a matter of survival, if you're a teacher and you don't get that time you'll be nearly dead by the time spring rolls around.

Part of what I miss is not regularly writing for this blog. I'm not sure what's a healthy dose of "regular", but I do know that I'm far from being where I'd like to be with writing and, for however much of it's actually going on, communicating with readers. I do get to visit other blogs, but as to be expected the regularity there has been diminished, though when I find 5 or 10 mins at work it's pretty easy to do some quick scanning. Hopefully I'll get to develop some of the thoughts that I've been wrestling with these past few weeks.

Anyway, whatever, we're going to chill out here at home. Originally we were planning to travel down to NYC and NJ to visit family, but we both came to realize that this just wouldn't work as we were too tired and there was too much we wanted to try to get done here. So some major chilling is in order, along with just enjoying Christmas in general, and I'd like to wish any visitors the best of Christmas/holidays, and a terrific new year!


Blogger GrrlScientist said...

James! I've missed you! Tell me more about your life now. Tell me more about the baby. And, just to welcome you back for a little while, I've tagged you with a meme.


6:09 AM  

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