Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cartoons to Ponder

It's turning into busy time around here, especially with my working on a web page for my classes (this will be interesting, I can feel it already). Anyway, was particularly entertained by three cartoons this morning and wanted to share, so here we go:


Or what if you're Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist ... you get the idea. The fact is that you don't have to swear on a Bible in court (I'm assuming this is true in most states, but I have no clue really) so why it's necessary to drag a Bible in to begin with, much less any other religious book that may have no meaning to the person being asked to swear, I have no clue.


Maybe this is just a case of a president exercising what he feels is his prerogative. He wants Bolton as his ambassador to the U.N., he's gonna get Bolt, the hell with what anyone else thinks. Frankly I think he could have done much better than this, but then this is the Bush administration, after all.


Well, indeed, this does seem to say it all. With intelligent design in the classroom, a belief that abstinence is the only birth control worth telling kids about, and a plethora of "faith-based" initiatives, it really does seem like we're heading back to some Victorian age.


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