Friday, May 13, 2005

Ruminations: Ya Gotta Love This Place, The U.S. of A.

Pedro Irigonegaray

I got back about 45 mins ago from dropping off Feri at the airport. She's heading to Madison, WI for a "girls' weekend" with her friends Ghazal and Nahal. Ghazal and Nahal are sisters, and Nahal is flying out today as well, arriving at the Madison airport about ten minutes before Feri (timing in life is everything.) Feri has her PhD in neurophysiology, Ghazal is a PhD cosmologist, and Nahal is working on her MS in computer science, and giving serious thought to a PhD (or so I hear.) For all the serious intellectual grrrrrrrrl power running around the three of them, I have no doubt that make up, clothes, food, and a lot of laughing will be a significant part of the weekend, along with movies, a bad habit that Feri had before me and has gotten MUCH worse (yes, I'm the one to blame for that as if ever there was a movie bum your gentle blogger is one of them) after marrying me.

At this point you may be asking yourself, "So who's that handsome devil jabbing his finger in the air, and what does he have to do with your wife flying to Madison, WI?" Well he's Pedro Irigonegaray, of course, and he has nothing to do with my wife and Madison, WI, but he has a lot to do with the evolution hearing in Kansas. He's the lawyer for the evolution side who's giving the Kansas board of education folks, many of whom are anti-evolution, or otherwise ignorant (I'm trying to be polite), a hard time, and apparently being very good at it, bless his soul. I was thinking to myself as I read the Washington Post article on the hearings that this is a great damn country. To think, the Clarence Darrow of the 21st century is some guy originally born in Cuba, with a name like Pedro Irigonegaray. Yes, indeed, this is a great country ... it has its problem, it's far from perfect, but damn it's a great place to live and be a part of --- I love this country!


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